Meow Meow

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The Press loves her!

“We know her as the bodysurfing diva, but the Australian-born chanteuse reveals her fragile side in this excellent collaboration with the pianist Lauderdale, of Pink Martini fame. The originals are first-rate and the multilingual covers range from Mandarin to French and German. Barry Humphries makes a charming guest appearance, as do Rufus Wainwright and the recently departed Michel Legrand. Magnifique. CD
Sunday Times UK

“There are not many women who can stun an audience into pin-drop silence with an exquisitely delivered torch song one moment and rock the rafters with laughter the next. Meow Meow... is that rare combination - devilish funny bones and heavenly vocal chords... no one now does it better than Meow” 
Evening Standard UK

“catapults the genre of Entertainment into a hitherto unknown dimension”
Berliner Zeitung

“She has a voice to break the most unwilling heart and a feeling for words that smashes through cynicism”
The Times UK


BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals, 2017, Meow Meow: Watch in full
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Meow Meow: cat on a hot tin roof By Ben Walters
The Guardian




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The Australian

Wowsers! Sensational reviews for the world premiere of

Southbank Centre London!
The Guardian
Evening  Standard
Time Out


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“Witness the birth of a new star...She is sensational” The Times UK

'There is nothing that this woman cannot do... Her voice is astonishing. '  The Telegraph UK

“nothing less than revelatory” The Australian

“the fascinating Meow Meow...setting new boundaries” The Times UK

Meow Meow 'has star quality to burn... she's the flame - the audience mere moths.'  London Metro

“The chanteuse brilliantly embodies a new kind of performance art,” The New Yorker 2010 Top Performers

“erases boundaries between cultures and languages’’ The New York Times

“A phenomenon”. The Australian

“drags cabaret kicking and screaming into the 21st century” Time Out New York

“Cabaret Diva of the highest order” New York Post

“Meow Meow blends performance art, cabaret and pop culture into a style that defies labelling..… the hackneyed phrase "cabaret diva" seems pathetically inadequate.. The Age

“To witness the postmodern cabaret diva Meow Meow in concert is to risk emerging just a little bit scratched. No one is safe at her show, least of all the deliciously deranged performer herself” Time Out New York

“Cabaret was always supposed to be transgressive and subversive, Meow Meow puts the beauty and the beastliness of it back where it belongs, out on the edge and in your face" The Times UK

“fierce intelligence, genuine heart and a heady recklessness”   The Guardian

“Mesmerising skill…It’s this mix of fearless talent and unstoppable humour that makes Meow Meow a star and leaves you agog” The Sun Herald

“Leaving audiences dangling helplessly at her feet, the postmodern international diva proved that the world is her litter box." Time Out New York critics vote Meow for the Top Ten best of cabaret

"She is a comedian of extraordinary nerve: her act is continually on the verge of collapse, catching itself up at the last possible moment...Meow Meow takes the art of cabaret and splits it open, exposing the disillusioned, yearning heart that beats under the sequins.” The Australian

"Her voice is extraordinary: apt to leap up several octaves at a time, swoop into a guttural growl or a crazed operatic vibrato. And when, on occasion, this dazzlingly multi-talented performer simply stands still and sings, her mood of bittersweet melancholy casts an instant spell of enchantment” The Age

“Meow Meow boasts an extraordinary voice that sounds as though Diamanda Galás drowned in cherry liqueur. It was the tatty diva's pitiless improvisation, however, that made her extraordinary. Her ability to unwind sexual and gender tensions and turn them into a rosette of purest mischief is nonpareil.” The Age

“With Meow Meow, the Bar Jeder Vernunft engaged a Bird of Paradise who brings a new colour to the Berlin stage heavens! Or should one say: brings an old colour back?” Berliner Zeitung

“She is extremely funny and that astonishing voice only needs a phrase to break your heart. But there’s a darker edge here, the sequined curtain stretched ever more thinly over the abyss” The Times UK

.'.. an explosive performance energy...(her) physical and vocal performance is acrobatic and virtuosic'  - Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich)

“brilliant … blowtorch wit..As with all great comics the sadness haunts the shadows of her anarchy…a bombshell went off in the Spiegeltent”  The Age

"Two things are instantly clear. Firstly, Meow Meow is right to style herself a “post-post-modern diva”, given that her singer-cum-comedienne persona is constructed from layers of knowingness, of pastiche that is then pastiched. Secondly, Meow Meow’s A-list fans – including David Bowie and Mikhail Baryshnikov – are right to think so highly of her. There is something quite awe-inspiring about her stage presence." The Telegraph UK

“ a deconstructive tour de force that turns cabaret inside out… Once heard, the sound of Meow shredding her voice is never forgotten...Meow's driven, extreme style, underscored by clever stagecraft and a political sensibility, rekindles the genre. Her shows blaze a wild trail” The Age

“the uncanny ability to embody the essence of a song” The Australian

Combustibly talented - Sydney Morning Herald